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Apocalypse | Revolution

A recent meme (by The Tower) captures two major ways people seem to be thinking about the pandemic. It says:

“Stop imagining the Apocalypse. Start imagining the Revolution.” 

That made me think about the fear people have expressed — but also the ways people have talked about the need for change in our future politics, relationships, and world in general. So here are my questions:


In your experiences during the pandemic so far, what has been your moment of greatest fear? What caused that feeling, and what did you do in response? 

What's been the biggest change you’ve experienced during the pandemic? What’s something that’s happened that made you think differently about how you want the world to be — in terms of politics, jobs, school, or anything else?

Tell me a story about what you feared, why you feared it, what it made you think about, and/or what it caused you to do.

What would you change, and what made you realize that? Tell me a story about your strongest hope for the future.

To share your stories, fill out and submit the form below or email me.

Your story
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