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"He knocked on her window one day when she was stymied by life.

He'd been watching for awhile as she tried to paint her thoughts into sense.

'You don't look very happy,' he mused. 'Shouldn't you be happier when you paint?'

With affection, she rolled her eyes & replied: 'Art doesn't make you happy, my friend. It fulfills you.'"

Art & Fulfillment

SKU: 0000014
  • This original watercolor story is painted on archival quality, acid-free, cold pressed, 140 lb. watercolor paper using permanent pen and ink and professional grade watercolor paint. The wash is saturated with color, and the movement of both brush and paint across the paper is clear and vivid. It is titled, dated, and signed in graphite at the bottom.

    Size: 12" x 9" (305 x 228 mm)   

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